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Angelique Greer explains the history behind Natural Choices Botanica & the inspiration for Legacy Tea Blends.

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Black Enterprise: Inspirational Notes – “Seeking Summer Synergy” July 1, 2007. pg. 138 by Nicole R. King. https://www.blackenterprise.com/seeking-summer-synergy/

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With over 125 years of history in serving the tea and coffee industries, Tea & Coffee Trade Journal has become one of the oldest and most respected trade journals in the industry. The Magazine brings small & large business together to showcase their products to the world. Natural Choices Botanica of Traditional Healing has grown with leaps and bounds since their inception in 1992. Owners Cliff & Angelique Greer have worked diligently year by year increasing brand awareness & fine tuning their unique line of heirloom teas. The United States market for tea is coming into it’s own, emerging from the shadow of the coffee market, tea is enjoying a new-found popularity among aging baby boomers & others who are embracing healthier more interesting alternatives to soft drinks and coffee.