We are a proud member of Certified Natural Health Professionals


Our Philosophy:

Naturopathic consulting recognizes the inherent healing abilities within every person. The consultant’s role is to identify and help remove obstacles to healing & recovery while facilitating, augmenting and guiding the self-healing process –rather than suppressing the symptoms. Several basic guidelines to care include the use of medicinal substances which minimize the risk of harmful side effects, to use the least amount of force necessary to evaluate and apply care. To avoid when possible the harmful suppression of symptoms, and to acknowledge, respect & work with an individual’s innate ability to heal. A naturopathic consultant educates their patients about achieving balance and health in their lives. Clients are expected to play an active role in their health maintenance as they learn how to become responsible for their own healing.

Our Statement
of Faith:

The mind, body and spirit have a huge impact on your overall health. Each person is unique in their health concerns and is treated as a whole person. Prevention of disease with proper nutrition & education is of the utmost importance – so that you can become a proactive participant in your health! Natural Choices Botanica is based in the way of ancient healers from around the globe all of whom teach balance & harmony with yourself and the earth. Holistic Practitioners encourage you to evoke the healing power of love, hope, humor and enthusiasm, to help release the toxic symptoms of hostility, shame, greed, depression, fear, anger and grief that you have held onto since your birth.

Natural Choices Botanica chooses to evaluate your nutritional status and incorporate easy ways to increase your nutritional intensity. A single nutrient deficiency or chronic sub deficiency can lead to disease. We will evaluate the proper modality for you & your condition through recommendations and corrective therapies.  Holistic Health Care is a long-term commitment you make to yourself. There are no magic bullets or pills that can make you healthy. It is a day by day series of choices in what you drink, what you eat, how you live your life, and how you grow your spirit. I would be honored to help you in achieving your goals.

Services Offered:

Bach Flower Therapy:  $120

flower essences (remedies) form a part of alternative medicine. They comprise a
therapeutic system that uses dilutions of flower essences developed by Dr.
Edward Bach to balance physical and emotional disturbances. Flowers contain
resonances of the emotional conditions found in people. He believed the right
essence could help to bring back the patient to a positive, happy condition;
think of it like receiving a bouquet of your favorite flowers (it makes you

Dr. Bach distilled the essence of certain flowers and chose the right ones for
each client.  He knew that the human being was more than a physical body;
that it incorporated life energy, sensitivity, feelings, and a spiritual body.
Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants interacting
with the subtle bodies that help people with physical illness. Flower Essences
address the emotional response to their issues by simply using the energy of
the plants.

Bach Flower Essences work as part of a holistic program of health care. They
are not a substitute for medical attention or professional psychological
counseling. Bach Flower Essences work on subtle levels. They gently help to
release old blocked energies held within our body, mind and emotions. We can
achieve harmony and balance to all aspects of our being through these vibrational
remedies.  Take our comprehensive test and see what flowers are right for

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Bio Chemical Nutritional Deficiency Testing: $95

saliva and urine tests can be done in a few minutes in the office to show you
the efficiency of your metabolism.

tests will help indicate the following health challenges:

enough available minerals in your system,
* a zinc deficiency,
* a vitamin C deficiency,
* a calcium deficiency,
* a stressed nervous system,
* an oxygen or water deficiency,
* malabsorption problems,
* adrenals that are fatigued or exhausted,
* too many free radicals in your system,
* too much harmful bacteria in your intestines.

These tests provide quantitative, tangible and reproducible results that are
available and can be checked regularly.

testing is monthly until a nutritional protocol is developed that works for
your specific needs. You will receive a comprehensive summary of the test
results & recommended suggestions. Preparation for Urine Testing includes
restricting salt, protein, coffee and supplements 2 days before taking sample.
Take first mornings urine, at least 8 hours before eating. Keep refrigerated
until tested.

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 Hair Tissue Analysis:  $155

hair contains all the minerals present in the body, including nutritional
minerals as well as toxic heavy metals. Hair mineral analysis is a laboratory
test that measures this mineral content in the hair. Our test reflects the how
much of these elements are in your our tissues, while providing our clients
with a vivid picture of your internal environment.

Choices Botanica works with an independent testing laboratory specializing in
hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) for health-care professionals worldwide.
Our laboratory partners and its employees are dedicated to providing timely,
accurate and precise laboratory services, high-quality nutritional products and
clinically relevant information and consultations. We will continue to
demonstrate our commitment to the principles of ultimately serving the client,
by maintaining an emphasis on a Holistic approach to health care treatment.

Some benefits of this test:

  • Development of a precise nutritional therapeutic approach based on
    the recognition of eight (8) individual biochemical types using elemental
    analysis of hair.
  • Categorization of individual nutrients according to their
    sympathetic or parasympathetic effects.
  • Recognition of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic responses to
    metabolic dysfunctions.
  • Recognition of the vitamin/mineral, mineral/mineral and
    vitamin/vitamin interrelationships in the nutritional recommendations.
  • Establishment of the link between the nutritional, neurological
    and endocrine systems, as determined by hair mineral patterns.
  • Development of metabolic supplements synergistically formulated
    for specific metabolic types.
  • Identification of endocrine interrelationships and their impact
    upon biochemical and nutritional status; recognition of specific nutritional
    influences upon the biochemical and endocrine systems.

What Does Holistic Hair Testing Look For?


Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese,
Chromium, Selenium, Boron, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Sulfur, Uranium, Arsenic,
Beryllium, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Aluminum, Germanium, Barium, Bismuth,
Rubidium, Lithium, Nickel, Platinum, Thallium, Vanadium, Strontium, Tin,
Titanium, Tungsten, Zirconium.

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Holistic Nutritional Counseling: $75 / hr.

the power of food to maintain a healthy weight, increase your energy and live a
vibrant life. Discover natural means to heal your body and regain your innate
healing powers.

Our knowledgeable consultants can walk you through a nutritional program while
supporting you every step of the way. We recommend whole food supplements,
herbals, and dietary changes to provide relief and address health concerns
including weight issues.

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your consulting needs.


Nutrition Party (Groups of 4 -6): $350.00 (2 hrs.) – Includes the cost of food, drink & deserts

you like to learn a little about making healthy food choices while having some?
This is the perfect time to book a nutrition party for your group, club or
girlfriend.  each you to plan simple, healthy & delicious
meals. Help you create healthier habits so that you can enjoy better
health as a results.  Let us show you how to disarm binge triggers so
that you can regain control of your eating habits.       

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Cooking Classes (2 hrs): $100 / per person / Group of 5 or more: $50.00 per person (does not include the cost of food & beverages)

me to sit down with you to help restructure your meals so that they reflect a
healthier lifestyle. This class will include menu development for 7-10 days,
how to revitalize your shopping list affordably. 

service is for the avid & the not so hot cook. Together we will prepare
some tasty foods that your entire family will enjoy. Foods made fast, simple,
easy and of course healthy.   

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Grocery Store Tours (2 hrs): $75 / person

us as we visit farmers markets and grocery stores in the Clarksville &
Nashville area. Let us assist you on the benefits of  sustainable,
local, organic nutrition & education. During our tour, participants will
engage & learn the following:

*Familiarize yourself with the best and worst areas to shop                                                  *Learning how to read and compare product labels
*Discover how to investigate product health claims for yourself
*Find healthy alternatives to your favorite meals and snacks                                                *Identify Super Foods, learn economical ways to shop                                                          *Meet farmers and producers of food that is grown within 150-mile radius.

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Pantry Makeovers (90 min):  $100.00 / person

Learn how to stock and organize your pantry with delicious and
healthier food options. We will get rid of unhealthy foods from your
refrigerator and kitchen cabinets that no longer serve your current health
challenges & goals. Allowing you to succeed nutritionally! 

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Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Reading (30 Minute): $75

Guided intuitive sessions for clients who are looking for deeper insight, guidance & clarity for everyday lives.

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Intuitive Reading Follow-Up (30 Minute): $50

This is a follow up session for those who have had a intuitive guidance session with me. This should be booked within 30-60 days of intuitive reading.

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