About Angelique "Sobande" Greer

My Story

Since 1992, Natural Choices Botanica has stood at the forefront teaching students the art of herbalism & holistic health. What began as a herb catalog business quickly blossomed into a successful retail store. By 1999, the store was devastated by a tornado and she was forced to reshape the vision. Sobande began teaching classes and workshops at colleges & conferences. The founders living room and backyard became the hub for retreats & holistic studies while her kitchen quickly blossomed into an amazing herbal apothecary.

Today, Sobande is a world traveled speaker, herbalist, teacher, consultant, author & spiritual life coach delivering high energy presentations delivered with inspiration, humor, and a down to earth style.

Why Are We Here?

The NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health is passionate about providing every student with the best learning experience possible. The staff & instructors will personally introduce you to a broad range of holistic topics & hands on experience to further your herbal knowledge. NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health provides each student with an intimate look at the body and its amazing connection to the plant world. Our program is self-paced and packed with information, virtual monthly classes, hands on training and a yearly weekend retreat. We offer a in depth look into race, culture, and the bio-chemical components of people of color and how they are affected by plants. We dive into the various holistic systems around the world to find their true origins. The NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health truly offers a diversified program.

 Our Goal:

• Provide each student with a comfortable and nurturing learning environment, where students can grow into confident herbalist and teachers.

• Create unique and interesting preparations with medicinal plants & other natural resources

• Understand Holistic Approaches to using herbs in the human body

• Identification of medicinal plants in the garden and the field

• Explore the vast modalities in the Holistic Health Field

Core Values:

• Honor elder wisdom & oral traditions

• Deepening our connection to plant spirits while learning to utilize the native plants in the area you live in

• Create a safe space for learning, growing & sharing ideas and concepts

• Teach communities & families how to be responsible and safe when using herbal medicine