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If opportunity doesn't knock, Build a door!
NCB & Sacred Waters Retreats open doors for self realization, knowledge & personal wellness.

What We Offer

“Never underestimate the power of what you have to give.”

Plant Base Medicine Making

July 16 – 18th, 2021
Nashville, TN 


Holistic Health Services

We offer a host of holistic health services which include specialties in women’s health, detoxification strategies, nutritional balancing, stress elimination, anti-aging, increasing energy levels and disease prevention through a “whole-body” approach. 

Herbal Certification

Our program is an intimate look into the world of herbalism from a mind, body, spirit, perspective. This is a self-study, self-paced course with monthly live chats, group & individual assignments, a weekend live course retreat in the spring and much more.
The program is 15-24 months/650 hours. 

Events & Conferences

Our events/conferences inspire the soul, educate the mind and create community.  Explore what we have to offer.  



Due to Covid-19, travel restrictions, mandated quarantines, and being tested, we have decided it is in our best interest to postpone the Afro-Botany Immersion Conference to August of 2021. .

 Those who have made deposits for the conference will have their funds rolled over to next year. Women of color also have the option to use their deposit to cover our annual Sacred Waters Herbal Retreat in Tennessee May 2021.


My Story

Since 1992, Natural Choices Botanica has stood at the forefront teaching students the art of herbalism & holistic health. What began as a herb catalog business quickly blossomed into a successful retail store. By 1999, the store was devastated by a tornado and she was forced to reshape the vision. 

Angela Greer

Team Members


Angelique "Sobande" Greer

CEO – N.C.B., Author, Healer, Master Herbalist

Luisha Teish

Yeye Luisah Teish

Author, High Priestess, Associate Educator


Flora Domenis

Associate Educator, Master Herbalist, Ayurvedic Master

Our work

“Who We Are – Where We’ve Been”

Black Enterprises

Black Enterprises

Inspirational Notes – “Seeking Summer Synergy” July 1, 2007. pg. 138 by Nicole R. King. https://www.blackenterprise.com/seeking-summer-synergy/

Medicine Paths

"A conversation with Angelique "Sobande" Greer - Medicine Paths", 2018 by Heather Wood Buzzard

Tea & Coffee

Tea & Coffiee

Natural Choices Botanica of Traditional Healing has grown with leaps and bounds since their inception in 1992. Owners Cliff & Angelique Greer have worked diligently year by year increasing brand awareness & fine tuning their unique line of heirloom teas.